105: Capturing Light and Life: The Watercolour World of Shelley Prior

Mike reflects on his class from Wild Wonder Conference 2023 and upcoming changes. Shelley Prior joins the podcast to talk about her love affair with watercolour. It has led her to develop a highly realistic style, capturing everything from birds and wildlife to portraits, still life, and breathtaking landscapes. But that’s not all; she is also an active instructor who’s been imparting her knowledge in workshops in Canada and occasionally in the U.S..

What stands out when you look at Shelley’s work is the play of light. She believes that light is the ‘life of the painting,’ a philosophy that shines through every piece she creates. Shelley’s work perfectly exemplifies how meticulous planning, quality materials, and an endless love for experimentation can lead to stunning artistry.

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Wild Wonder Conference

Etchr Course

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ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)

Ripley’s Aquarium Canada

Point Pelee National Park

Monarch butterflies

Wagon wheel piece

Glass image


Arches paper

Gator board

Jono Dry wetting paper (YouTube)

Winsor & Newton

Daniel Smith


Da Vinci Paint Co.

Shelley’s materials

YouTube (ShelleyPriorFineArt)

Dundas Valley School of Art

Art Gallery of Burlington

Zoom workshops

Hazel Soan Interview #96

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