Podcast Starter Packs

Interested in catching up with the show but with a focus on a certain type of visual art?  Check out the themes below. 

Procreate and Digital Art

44: Dog Stories, Animation and Creating a Positive Impact with Michael Relth

Mike gets close to launching the newsletter and his first shop. He also received some new pencils and a wonderful new tool. Michael Relth then joins the podcast to talk about his journey from art school to writing and illustrating his first book. Michael talks about the need to make a positive impact with his art and how critical it is to have a circle of trust. He talks about his work with animation and the piece he did as a commission for Procreate. Michael also talks about the importance of establishing a routine.

36: Keeping Your Head Above Water

Mike reflects on the work from a previous guest, LightBox Expo, and the upcoming release Procreate 5X. Mike then explores the controversy around Inktober and how to remain focussed on your ultimate goal. He then reflects on 2020 and how to remain strong, sensitive, healthy, and creative.

33: Star Trek, Zombies and Procreate with Storyboard and Concept Artist Rob McCallum

Mike finished some more graphite work with a focus on depth and reflection. He then tries some plein air painting on the water without falling overboard. Rob McCallum is back to talk about the impact the pandemic has had on his role as a storyboard and concept artist in addition to some of his recent work including season 3 of Star Trek Discovery (no spoilers). They talk about drawing zombies and his upgrade to the iPad 2020. They also touch on what it means to be an artist with all the pressures of social media.

27: Character Design, Digital Brushes and The Power of Habituation with Artist Max Ulichney

It’s been a challenging few weeks with the pandemic but Mike was still able to make art a priority in drawing some animals, dinosaurs and humans. Mike is then joined by the talented Max Ulichney to talk about his creative journey. Having worked at the same company for 14 years, Max has left to join Netflix for an exciting new project. Max also talks about his MaxPacks which are incredibly well-designed brush sets for Procreate.

21: Exploring Technology, Art and Design with YouTuber Brad Colbow

Mike visits a museum and art gallery to do some sketching. Mike is then joined by artist and tech YouTuber Brad Colbow to talk hardware and software for creative professionals. Brad shares his journey to success from a young artist to graphic designer and web developer to a top YouTube reviewer for creatives. They talk about the current state of tech and apps as well as what the future may hold.

16: Making Movies and TV Shows with Storyboard and Concept Artist Rob McCallum

Mike has follow-up about a recent guest and talks about some graphite sketches. Mike is then joined by storyboard and concept artist Rob McCallum to discuss his art journey from his early days in Scotland with comics and movies to working with Stan Lee and transitioning to his movie and TV show work. Rob talks about some of his recent projects like Star Trek Discovery, IT and Downsizing and how transitioning to the iPad and Procreate has transformed his workflow. 

3: Drawing with an iPad

Mike finally finished the graphite drawing of the chickadee, watched a Disney artist create a Bob Ross painting and may consider doing a flipbook. He also does a deep dive into drawing with the iPad covering his favourite app, brushes, techniques and a few tips. This week’s homework is very dark. 

Pencil, Graphite and Charcoal

60: Connecting with Friends and Finding a New Creative Path with Artist Alvin Chong

Mike prepares some starter packs for those interested in a list of curated episodes around certain topics. He also shares a strategy in how to share your work. Alvin Chong joins the podcast to talk about his beginnings and his journey from creativity and back again. Alvin talks about his art, his tattoo business and, how the lockdown opened up new possibilities for him online.

49: Exploring a Fantasy World of Charcoal and Graphite with Artist Eric Messinger

Mike shares a story about connections. Eric Messinger then joins the podcast to talk about his incredible charcoal and graphite fantasy art. Eric has a unique style and approach using abstract use of charcoal in prepping the paper for his characters to visit. He goes through his process and then Mike and Eric have a great discussion about paper and pencils. Eric uses an interesting approach to starting a fantasy piece and his homework will certainly involve all your senses 🙂

31: Turning Marks Into Art Using Graphite and Charcoal with Artist and YouTuber Scott Maier

Mike finishes a commission and does a little urban sketching. He then picks up an etch-a-sketch for the 60th anniversary of the device. Mike is then joined by artist and YouTuber Scott Maier. Scott has a formal BFA and MFA and has been teaching and creating art for a couple of decades. He has recently been doing live YouTube drawing tutorials since March. Mike and Scott explore some of the videos and talk about the challenges and joy that can be found in putting pencil to paper.

Pen and Ink

48: Urban Sketching, Finding Your People, and The Power of The Fude with Marek Badzynski

Marek Badzynski joins the podcast to talk about his journey from Poland to Canada and architect to urban sketcher. Marek talks about his early days in Europe and how urban sketching saved him from a police incident. He then discusses his approach to using fountain pens with the fude nib as well as water-soluble graphite. He also addresses how to separate the collector of art supplies from the artist and keeping your kit small. Marek has some great tips for anyone interested in urban sketching.

28: Pens, Ink, Paper and Business Advice with The Pen Addict, Brad Dowdy

Mike finishes a nuthatch and is overwhelmed with the response. He connects some art supplies with people who need it and then shares the artwork of some local students. Mike is then joined by The Pen Addict, Brad Dowdy, who shares his journey from drawing tiny things to following his passion by starting a blog, a few businesses, and becoming a podcaster. Class is in session as Brad brings everyone through an intro to pens, ink, and paper and what it takes to create and maintain a successful business.

43: Creating Your Own Brand and Building a Successful Art Business with Jake Parker

Mike spends some time with colored pencils. He then reflects on 2020 and talks about his theme for 2021. Jake Parker joins the podcast to share his creative journey from his early inspiration to animation, books, and of course Inktober. Jake talks about his style and looking in the rearview mirror. He also shares his experience and business advice after successfully creating and publishing a number of books. Jake then talks about documenting your art with social media and giving your art more than one life.

Oil Painting

52: Color Versus Line and Demystifying Oil Painting with Kimberly Brooks

Mike talks about some colored pencil pieces and future plans. Artist and author Kimberly Brooks joins the podcast to talk about her journey and her new book, “The New Oil Painting”. They talk about her beginnings and how she took control of her own journey. She talks about color versus line for all artists and not being precious about your work.

38: Exploring the Melody in Painting with Artist Cornelia Hernes

Mike continues his Inktober project and talks about his workflow and a few of the prompts. Mike shares a couple of books and then explores a video to help your coffee house sketching. Cornelia Hernes joins the podcast to talk about her journey in pursuing her lifelong passion. She speaks to the melody in art and developing your artistic vocabulary. She uses her skill and experience in art and teaching to explore art, uncover the many layers, and inspire anyone looking to improve their drawing and painting.

20: Lessons in Life and Art with Naturalist and Artist Robert Bateman

Mike looks back on the five year old version of himself, explores some human anatomy as well as more nature with graphite. Naturalist and artist Robert Bateman then joins Mike to talk about his art career that has spanned nearly eight decades. They talk about his move from abstract to realism, discuss some of his pieces, explore some art tips and of course they chat about nature.

Urban Sketching

17: Two Artists in a Truck Urban Sketching, with Captain Tom

Mike continues working with graphite but has time to test out the new Paperlike 2 screen protector for his iPad Pro. He also talks about a video everyone should watch. Mike is then joined by Captain Tom to talk about his experiences from skateboarding to animation. Also, urban sketching as a sport, travel, giving back and tips on becoming a better artist.

25: Urban Sketching using the Hand, Eye and the Heart with Artist and Teacher Ian Fennelly

Mike receives a wonderful gift from a neighbour and does more live drawings. He also updates his online portfolio and talks about his tools and process on another podcast. He is then joined by world-renowned urban sketcher Ian Fennelly who talks about his experience as teacher and artist. He talks about his journey, his tools and his process highlighted by stories and the deep connections with art along the way.

48: Urban Sketching, Finding Your People, and The Power of The Fude with Marek Badzynski

Marek Badzynski joins the podcast to talk about his journey from Poland to Canada and architect to urban sketcher. Marek talks about his early days in Europe and how urban sketching saved him from a police incident. He then discusses his approach to using fountain pens with the fude nib as well as water-soluble graphite. He also addresses how to separate the collector of art supplies from the artist and keeping your kit small. Marek has some great tips for anyone interested in urban sketching.

76: A Journey from Fine Art to Urban Sketching with Paul Heaston

Mike continues with his entries in his perpetual journal and some other studies with ink and watercolor. Mike also creates an alternative for those interested in supporting him and the podcast. Paul Heaston sits down with Mike to talk about his journey from drawing whales to his MFA and now urban sketching. He talks about his teachers’ powerful influence on his creative journey and how he sought creative inspiration from his interests. Paul talks about his tools, approach, and experimentation driven by curiosity. His homework will offer you a different view of the world.

78: Creating Art Outdoors: Urban Sketching and Plein Air Painting

Mike Hendley shares a sketchbook tour on Instagram and talks about some of his entries in his perpetual journal. Mike visits a local tulip festival to create some sketchbook entries outside. Inspired by the outdoor experience, Mike does an overview of his current plein air/urban sketching set-up. He covers everything from where to sit, what tools work and how to set up the best creative experience outdoors. Easels, sketchbooks, paints and brushes and so much more are covered in this episode.

85: Exploring Landscapes Around the World with Art ToolKit Founder Maria Coryell-Martin

Mike reflects on the Wild Wonder 2022 Nature Journal Conference and some art he has been working on. Mike is then joined by Maria Coryell-Martin to talk about her journey and how her job as an expeditionary artist led her to create her own company, Art Toolkit, supplying tools for nature journalers and urban sketchers worldwide. They talk about her various destinations and how we can use some of those experiences right in our own areas.

87: Illustration, Urban Sketching and Kickstarting Your Creative Obsession with Christina Wald

Mike begins reflecting on 2022 and looks to 2023. He talks about recent pieces, including a new subject for some digital work. Artist, Illustrator, and writer Christina Wald joins the podcast to discuss her journey from industrial design to working with properties such as Star Wars and Lord of the rings before illustrating over 60 children’s books. Her recent exploration of urban sketching has led her to author her first book, which has led to a Kickstarter.

94: Painting the Town: Exploring Urban Scenes with Shari Blaukopf

Mike talks about a new app helping with his art and how you can be part of upcoming episode 100. Mike is then joined by Shari Blaukopf, a Montreal-based painter, teacher, author, and art blogger. Shari is a renowned watercolor artist best known for her urban scenes. Her unique approach to watercolor painting and sketching has earned her a spot as a correspondent for UrbanSketchers.org, co-founder of Urban Sketchers Montreal, and a signature Canadian Society of Painters member in Watercolour.

In this episode, we’ll dive into Shari’s artistic journey from graphic designer to teacher and urban sketcher. We will explore the techniques she uses to create her stunning pieces, her favorite tools, and what she uses as motivation for urban sketching. Be sure to stick around to the end for the homework, which is a mission I think we should all take on.

96: The Unlimited Art of the Limited Palette with Hazel Soan

Mike talks about a subject he rarely draws or paints and then practices some urban sketching. Hazel Soan stops by to talk about her new book “Art of the Limited Palette: A Step-By-Step Practical Watercolour Guide.” Hazel shares her start in finding the time and light to create. She shares her passion and knowledge of watercolor, speaking to warm and cool colors, triads, and staining versus granulating colors. Her homework will help you discover something lost or forgotten. 

98: The World of Urban Sketching: Architecture, Art, and Travel with Stephanie Bower

Mike has been busy with the road to 100 episodes but found time to create a cute baby sea turtle painting. Stephanie Bower joins the podcast to talk about her journey into urban sketching. Stephanie reveals the devastating event that led to her first travel sketch experience. Of course, they talk about tools, supplies, and her process. Mike and Stephanie go through her new book, “The World of Urban Sketching,” and she highlights some incredible artists who shared their work. Her homework will keep you in line and bring focus.

101: The Artistic Journey with Marc Taro Holmes: Urban Sketching (USK) and Beyond

Mike speaks to a recent workshop and shares news about upcoming fall events. Marc Taro Holmes joins Mike to share his journey from BFA to concept artist and art direction in the gaming industry. Marc discusses how he got into urban sketching, direct watercolor, and his annual challenges. He also talks about his exploration of oils and maybe a new project to come. His homework will keep you busy 😉

104: Watercolors Meet Wanderlust on Alena Gastaldi’s Artistic Pilgrimage

Mike returns to the podcast after some time away, prepping for his presentation at Wild Wonder Conference 2023 and his new Etchr Drawing Course. Alena Gastaldi joins the podcast to discuss her journey from architecture in Russia to drawing and urban sketching worldwide. Her homework is something that will most certainly challenge you.