24: Building Your Album of Life with Artist and Teacher Cesar Santos

Mike talks about creating in place, live draws, a couple of recent pieces and the challenges of the pandemic. Mike is then joined by modern master Cesar Santos to talk about the journey that took him from Cuba to the USA and then to Italy to pursue his passion. His skill and experience as an artist are matched with his strength in being an excellent teacher. They talk about art skills, avoiding being a victim of beauty and filling your album of life. They also take a deep dive into what it means to be an artist. 


Spider (graphite drawing)

Wellington -> Shedd Aquarium (graphite drawing)

Green Heron (graphite drawing)

Angel Academy of Art (Florence, Italy)

Steven Assael (American Painter)

Daniel Greene (Artist)

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (Artist)

John Singer Sargent (Artist)

Che Guevara by Jim Fitzpatrick

Self-portrait (Cesar Santos)

Opossum (Cesar Santos)

Guillermo Munoz Vera (Artist)

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