28: Pens, Ink, Paper and Business Advice with The Pen Addict, Brad Dowdy

Mike finishes a nuthatch and is overwhelmed with the response. He connects some art supplies with people who need it and then shares the artwork of some local students. Mike is then joined by The Pen Addict, Brad Dowdy, who shares his journey from drawing tiny things to following his passion by starting a blog, a few businesses, and becoming a podcaster. Class is in session as Brad brings everyone through an intro to pens, ink, and paper and what it takes to create and maintain a successful business.



Expo Varius

Pilot Razor Point

Pilot Precise (V5/V7 series)

Unibal Signo RT

Jet Pens

Platinum Carbon Ink

Sailor Pro Gear

ystudio Resin Fountain Pen

Brad’s Lamy Safari


Leuchturm 1917

Apica Japanese paper




Tomoe River paper

The Pen Addict Podcast

Episodes #372 – We Used to Budget (w/Adina Hurley)

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The Pen Addict

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